Artificial Emotional Intelligence or Emotion AI is a branch of AI that
allow computers to understand human non-verbal cues such as
body language and facial expressions.

The aim of this project is to classify people’s emotions based on their
face images by building, training and deploying a system that automatically monitors people emotions and expressions with more than 20000 facial images, with their associated facial expression labels and around 2000 images with their facial key-point annotations in it’s

Complete code:

Part 1: We will create a deep learning model based on Convolutional Neural Network and Residual Blocks to predict…

What is the text normalization?

Text normalization is the process by which we can convert the input text into a standard form. Some of the main steps in text normalization are as follows:

Lemmatization- Changing the words to the form in which they appear in a dictionary. Example- lazzy to lazy, mrng to morning, etc.

Removal of stop words- Words that appear very frequently and do not add much value are known as stop words. Example- the, a, and, but, etc. Removal of such words is necessary to make the text clearer.

Tokenization- Breaking down the text into the smallest…

For years, the tech industry has dangled the promise of no- and low-code app builders as well as web builders. And on paper, the idea is a good one: Companies get to build all the specialized apps and websites they need, without the time and agony that goes into most “traditional” development.

As Amazon Internet Companies recently launched Amazon Honeycode , a fully-managed service that permits firms to construct cellular and internet purposes with none programming.Even Tech firms such as Microsoft position their respective no- and low-code builders as the perfect solution for overworked tech professionals, allowing them to focus…

Astha Vijayvargiya

Computer vision

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